What functions does it provide?

With Fruityvice you can receive interesting data from any fruit of your choosing. On top of that you can add fruits by yourself as well! Added fruits will first have to be approved by an admin to avoid any errors in the data. The shown data is based on 100 grams of the listed fruit. The owner does not guarantee the available data is 100% flawless, however he will do his best to fix any wrong data.

Artist: J. M.

How does it work?

Currently the webservice consists of two functions: receiving data for a specific fruit or all fruit, and a function to add your own data. An example of what the response body would look like can be seen on the right. To receive the shown data, you have to make a HTTP GET call on the resource /api/fruit/{ID} or /api/fruit/{name} of this website's IP. To add data, make a HTTP PUT call on the resource /api/fruit with the data of a fruit in JSON format in the request body. An ID does not have to be provided. A full documentation for the REST API can be found here.